A Clean Slate

Starting Afresh

So. Here it is, my new website. I have started it on a clean slate, no imported posts, nothing. I have decided to do this because I simply did not like what I had been doing on my previous iteration of this website, and I thought it was time for a change.

Typically I would just embed a video that I had done and copy the description from that video, but now I want to add more to that or write something that should really be on one of my other websites. But now I know what this site is for, my thoughts. This has partly happened because I am no longer using WordPress on this site anymore, partly because I think it tries to do too much and partly because it makes simple blogging complicated.

So I've moved to Anchor

So far, this is the only blog post I have written with Anchor, and there are a few things I like. One of those is how simple the interface is, it isn't complicated or confusing, it's straight to the point.

Anchor is not perfect but I feel like it suits my personal website perfectly and that's why I'm using it. But that has been my first blog post explaining why I have started afresh.

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