Clever Advertising


This just popped up on my Twitter feed. It’s a Nike advert, sometimes simplicity is key.

The advert is a bench, without a seat and on the back-rest there is the Nike logo with 1 word. Run. I’m guessing this is Nike promoting a healthier lifestyle to everyone and to encourage them to use their products.

The Home of the Future


The Verge did quite an interesting episode of “Top Shelf” recently, covering the home of the future. First off they showed a home that was very efficient with plants growing themselves on top of a fish tank and the plants were being fertilised with the fish’s “waste”. They also showed off the Nest thermostat and the Little Printer.

After that they showed off a cheap security system that would not only warn you about break-ins but about changes around the house like if it was really hot or if something normal wasn’t happening.

If you want to watch the episode I put it below: