Richard Waterworth is an amateur photographer & blogger based in England.


I’m a photographer, filmmaker and blogger. I’m currently focusing on photography as a hobby, as I would like to pursue and take that further in life. I publish my photographs online for people to view; I also like to make videos which I also publish online.

I also run a technology based website and YouTube channel which focuses on consumer electronics. I started in 2012 and the site and channel have grown at a pleasing rate. Running the site also helps me expand my photography skills as I have also now begun to step into product photography to produce images for the site. I have also been published in technology related magazines and books such as The Official Raspberry Pi Projects Book and The MagPi Magazine: The Official Raspberry Pi magazine.

My technology blog can be found here, aswell as its corresponding YouTube channel here. I also post my photographs onto Instagram aswell as feature some on my photography website which can be found here.


Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @waterworthr